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Managed Print Services are clearly the future for any corporate environment! The deal we got from Managed Print UK has saved us thousands, not to mention the great time-saving benefits we've also inherited with this service.

Very happy with the service we've experienced. It's brilliant to have such close control over all our printers, not sure how we managed before! The savings have been essential for our budget demands and have been enthusiastically welcomed.

As a busy London architecture firm we needed a versatile, comprehensive and cost-effective print environment. Our managed print service has helped us feel more in control and eliminated all our previous frustrations.

Moving to a Managed Print Service has proved to be a great decision for us. It has freed up more money in other areas that have helped the company grow.

Arrange a free print audit with Managed Print UK

Print Audit with Managed Print UK

Managed Print UK offers you a free print audit to discover the benefits of managed print and to demonstrate how a solution will work for your organisation. Fill in our managed print audit form below for us to contact you:

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Is there a charge for a print audit?

No, there is no charge at all. Our free print audit is all part of our service to you, and it also allows you to meet us and decide whether you feel we are a suitable partner for your business.

What is a managed print audit?

This is where we come to your premises and go through your print requirements with you. We take stock of your existing print environment with the ultimate aim of recommending a new, more efficient and more cost effective one which better meets your needs.

Who needs a print audit?

There's no fixed rule, so call us or fill in our contact form and we'll let you know if a print audit is advisable. Sometimes a requirement for only a couple of printers still warrants a meeting.

What's the alternative to a print audit?

For smaller companies using only a couple of print devices, our specialists can often recommend a solution over the phone, this solution is very easily documented and explained via email. We can generally demonstrate cost savings simply and transparently for you. And any of your questions can easily be answered. Of course, we are happy to produce print samples and demonstrate print equipment even for our smallest clients. Don't forget, even a business using only one printer can own it on a fully managed basis, and this will be cheaper than buying toner and service as you go along.

Customers who know what they need already

We regularly come across customers who say they don't need a print audit because "they've already done one themselves and they know what they need". We feel that even for these customers it is best to explore and re-validate the data they have. It's not uncommon for us to visit a customer and totally change their perception of what they thought they needed and introduce new ideas to them.

Stages of a print audit

There are a number of electronic tools we use to get all the correct data, but generally the audit will be quite hands on and managed in a number of stages

Reduce Print Costs with Managed Print
  • Visit your site and discuss your requirements.
  • Conduct a detailed walk through of your premises taking physical notes of each device, its age, location, model and current print volume.
  • Return a month later for a 2nd print usage reading to give us all a clear understanding of your print usage.
  • Design and recommend a new print environment, tailor made for your business. Present the findings of the audit and the new recommended setup, and demonstrate within this presentation the actual cost savings, time savings and environmental benefits to your business.
  • Deploy the managed print environment in a timely and professional manner causing minimum disruption.

Do we need to prepare anything for the print audit?

Yes, depending on the size of your organisation, to conduct a proper print audit we will require floor plans prior to the actual audit day. And someone to give basic access to the IT System (on the day) so we can take an electronic snapshot of your existing print usage.
It would also be useful to receive a breakdown of your current prices for print supplies.