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Managed Print Services are clearly the future for any corporate environment! The deal we got from Managed Print UK has saved us thousands, not to mention the great time-saving benefits we've also inherited with this service.

Very happy with the service we've experienced. It's brilliant to have such close control over all our printers, not sure how we managed before! The savings have been essential for our budget demands and have been enthusiastically welcomed.

As a busy London architecture firm we needed a versatile, comprehensive and cost-effective print environment. Our managed print service has helped us feel more in control and eliminated all our previous frustrations.

Moving to a Managed Print Service has proved to be a great decision for us. It has freed up more money in other areas that have helped the company grow.

Xerox Managed Print Solutions

Managed Print Solutions with Xerox Managed Print

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Reduce printing costs by 70% with Xerox PagePack, Managed Print Solutions

Looking for ways to cut costs?

For most companies the ongoing cost of office printing, printer maintenance and service - is an unexplored opportunity to make great savings. PagePack will improve productivity and your company's printing costs.

In an unmanaged environment, every print uses a variable amount of ink. You pay a different price for every print and the costs are unknown. With PagePack all your variable expenses are consolidated. You pay a fixed cost-per-page that reduces overall expenditures.

PagePack also saves on hidden costs, such as staff resources and prevents shortages of consumables, by simplifying ordering and vendor management. With PagePack there's no need to keep an inventory of consumables on hand. You can order themonline 24/7.

Free Remote Services. With PagePack Remote Services Platform you get real-time visibility of your Xerox networked devices; MeterAssistant® automates the process of collecting and submitting meter reads for accurate billing, so you pay for what you actually use.