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Managed Print Solutions - Small to Medium businesses

Managed Print UK has been delivering managed print solutions in London and the South East for small to medium sized business for over 15 years. For over 10 Years we have had complete UK Wide coverage and now offer same day and next day support to 98% of the UK.

SME's often have no idea how much printing is taking place in their offices, or how much this regularly "forgotten" expenditure is costing them. Directors are often shocked to hear that their office printing can easily represent 3-8% of business turnover. We can often save you over 60% of this cost.

Managed Print SME


What is a SME?

The government categorises as below:

  •    Small Businesses: 10-49 employees
  •    Medium Businesses: 50-249 employees
  •    0-9 employees are officially categorised as "micro"

SME's and Managed Print Solutions – the facts

  •    Over 85% of SME's still purchase printer hardware and consumables on a transactional basis
  •    Over 50% of SME's have never heard of managed print solutions
  •    Print usage is increasing, not declining in the SME market
  •    Many organisations are seeing increased growth in colour print volumes, translating to higher expenditure on consumables
  •    The majority of SME's when questioned view printing as critical or very important in supporting business activities
  •    Until recently MPS was seen as predominantly a large enterprise offering

What does the SME market represent in real terms?

The government categorises as below:

  •    The SME market is by far the biggest employer in the UK, representing 59.1% of all private sector employment (Jan 2012). This equates to around 14.1 million employees generating a combined turnover of £1,500 billion. Total UK employees amounts to roughly 29 million
  •    Where are most SME's based?
  •    London has highest number (806,000) of Private Sector Businesses and the South East is second with 768,000. Together these regions account for almost a third of all firms

With these points in mind, and with the current difficult economic climate, it makes sense that SME's are now seeing the increasing importance of managing their print environment and reducing their print costs. SME's are easily the fastest growing sector for managed print. With our head office in London, we are the ideally placed to service the managed print needs of London and South East SME market.

Managed Print  Reduce Print Costs

A managed print environment can save your business over 60% on print costs

SME's now more than ever, need to gain a better understanding of what's being printed and to take measures to control it. See how much control a managed print solution can give you - Click here

By working with us we can implement a fully managed print environment for your business which will reduce wastage and costs significantly, give you full control of your office printing and provide clear visibility of all your costs.