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Ricoh Managed Print Services


Drive down costs, improve efficiency and productivity

HP Managed Print Solutions

A unique Managed Document Handling Service from Ricoh which a goes far beyond the realms of print!

With Ricoh Managed Print Solutions the focus is on maximising efficiency. Employing long-term strategies that focus on changing the culture of document handling to a more productive process which saves time, energy and money!

These strategies bring an array of benefits including:

  • Reduced document related expenses
  • Full control over expenditure
  • Maximised employee productivity
  • Cut-out waste from work flow practices
  • Continued improvement of doc life cycles
  • Increased energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint

In addition to these benefits, Ricoh's MPS consultants and project managers evaluate the specific needs of each organisation they deal with. Ensuring that your solution is tailored to enhance your own document environment and maximise efficiency.

Scalability is at the heart Ricoh's services, allowing for your solution to grow with your business, so you continue to benefit from unrivalled savings and maximum productivity.

There are a number of fantastic printers, copiers and multifunctions available on a Managed Print Service with Ricoh, to arrange a demo or document handling assessment please speak to one of our Ricoh trained representatives on 020 3145 1355