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Environmentally friendly printing

Taking care of the environment is important for us all. Businesses have a responsibility to be forward thinking in their environmental responsibilities. All the printers and copiers we recommend are manufactured with Green credentials at the forefront of their design. Simple features such as power saving modes can dramatically reduce the environmental impact of your office printer.

Power consumption is a huge factor when determining the printer and copier manufacturers we partner. We are a proactively green business and our intentions are to encourage the same thought process within our customers. The leading printer and copier vendors prioritise their eco-credentials and whilst helping the planet, using their devices will also save you money.

Managed Print Environmentally Friendly Printing
Managed Print Reduce Carbon (CO2) Footprint

Toner and Supplies Recycling programmes are also paramount in providing a green solution. All used supplies are collected and taken for recycling completely free of charge as part of your managed print solution.

When installing a new printer infrastructure, with no charge we will remove all old equipment as part of our WEEE directive, and take it for recycling and environmentally friendly disposal.

Our long term objective is to reduce energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint, encourage recycling and improve our clients and our own environmental impact.