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Secure Printing with Pull and Follow Me Print Technology

Managed Print UK has seen an ever increasing demand for secure printing. Follow Me Printing and Pull Printing are technologies that enable businesses of any size to ensure the safe and secure printing of protected data and documents.


What is Pull Printing or Follow Me Printing?

Pull Printing is a network technology which allows users to send their print jobs from their desktop and collect ("Pull") them from any printer on the network. The "Pulling" of the print job is done when the user either:

  •    Enters a security code on the printer panel
  •    Swipes a card on a card reader attached to the printer
  •    Scans their fingerprint on a biometric scanner attached to the printer
  •    Uses an app on their phone which the printer recognises

What are the benefits of Security Printing and Pull or Follow Me Printing Technology?

There are a number of key benefits which Pull Printing or Follow me printing brings to an organisation. And any size business can benefit from Pull Printing.

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Pull Printing gives you completely secure printing

Pull printing allows users to send print jobs securely without the need to rush to the printer to pick up their printed documents. Until the user swipes their card, the print job remains unprinted. If a user decides to, they can cancel at any time rather than printing it.


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Pull Printing improves your company workflow

With "follow me" printing or "pull printing" users can choose to collect their print jobs from any print device and at any time. If one printer is busy, they can collect their prints from another. This reduces bottle-necks at printers, unnecessary queuing at printers, employee print frustrations, and allows employee time to be spent more productively

Pull Printing reduces wasted prints and reduces print costs

It is all too common to see documents piled up next to a printer which will never be collected by the user. These uncollected prints normally just end up in the bin at the end of the week. Not only do these prints cost organisations thousands of pounds per year in toner and paper, they are also environmentally unfriendly. Pull Printing completely eradicates wasted prints and directly saves your business money. With "pull printing" any uncollected print jobs can be deleted from the print queue before they are ever printed.

Can we trial a Security Printing Solution?

Yes, Managed Print UK can arrange a free on-site trial of the latest Pull Printing technology for your organisation.

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