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Managed Print Solutions - Education & Public sector

For over a decade Managed Print UK has been helping Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Public Sector organisations streamline their printing and save thousands on print costs.

Our experience in providing Education and Public Sector organisations with managed print solutions gives us the knowledge and skills needed to recommend and implement the right solution for you.

From small primary schools to the largest technology colleges and universities, we carefully consider the individual needs and requirements of every solution we provide.

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Managed Print – Are we too small?

Having a print strategy in place can benefit any organisation however big or small. We have customers with only one printer who have saved thousands of pounds a year by speaking to us.

My department understands the importance of managed print, but the rest of the organisation.


We don't have the budget at the moment to look at this

Education and Public Sector is governed by budgets and often delay investigating new technologies as a result of budget limitations. The high cost of a non-managed print environment is often a strong contributing factor to existing budget limitations. A new print solution does not have mean large capital outlays. The capital cost of the print solution is often spread over 5 years and the immediate savings in supplies, service, paper and energy consumption warrant the immediate go ahead of a managed print solution.




Is managed print right for education?

As with most businesses, the print environment within schools, colleges and universities has normally grown organically. This means there was no specific print strategy in place for the purchase of new printers and copiers. As a result, most educational establishments have multiple printer brands and multiple suppliers of service and supplies for these.

Normally, there was little thought about the running costs of these devices when they were purchased and most would only come with a 1 year warranty, leading to additional service costs as the printers aged.

Managing a fleet of multi-brand printers and copiers is not only difficult, it is also much more expensive and far less environmentally friendly than operating a fully managed print infrastructure.

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Benefits of managed print for education and public sector


Cost Savings

Our managed print solution will save your school anywhere between 30-70% on your existing print costs.

Custom Print Solutions

Every printer solution we provide is bespoke and based on a thorough & detailed assessment of your existing environment. Our print solution will streamline your print workflow and reduce the need for your staff to waste time supporting, troubleshooting and maintaining the existing equipment.

All Maintenance and supplies included

A managed print solution includes all service and all supplies. You have one source for everything print related. If there's a problem, it's fixed quickly and easily through our dedicated service centre.

  • Automated ordering of supplies
  • Automated meter readings
  • Proactive support and printer management

Regain control of your print environment

Your managed print solution gives you full control of your whole print environment.

  • Get full departmental print statistics and usage information
  • A web-based portal to monitor all devices, report faults, order supplies and access stats
  • Set departmental budgets and bill accordingly
  • Direct specific print jobs to the most cost effective output devices
  • Secure printing
  • Pull printing – the print job will only come out of the printer when the person printing uses a swipe card or code at the printer

Environmental benefits of managed print

  • Fewer and more energy efficient print devices reducing energy wastage
  • Specific print policies, such as duplex printing to reduce paper wastage
  • Auto-office detection on printers to power down and come on in sync with your working hours
  • Pull printing to reduce non-collected print jobs

Can my department sign up if the rest of the organisation does not?

We see this quite regularly across all sectors, and yes we are very happy to work with you on this. Although the ideal managed print solution encompasses a whole organisation, quite often we get requests from individual departments within organisations to have their own managed print agreement. This is down to a number of reasons, normally departmental budgets, but we are very happy to cater for this. Our solutions are also always scalable and these single departmental installations regularly lead to the rest of the organisation adopting managed print at a later date when they see and understand benefits of it.

Is a managed print solution correct for your school, college or university?

The answer to this is simple. Yes.

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