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Introducing Xerox Solid Ink

What is Solid Ink?

Solid Ink is an award winning colour printing technology patented and exclusively available with Xerox printers.

It’s been around since the 90’s and produces professional quality colour prints with up to 90% less printer waste and packaging than other comparable laser printers. Here’s a little introduction into Solid Ink in Xerox’s own words…

So what’s so great about Solid Ink?

Well, there’s quite a few cool things with using solid ink. Here’s just 10 of them…

1. No bulky toner cartridges. Just a non-toxic, resin-based polymer that comes in a substance similar to a crayon.

2. The crayon-like format means no accidental spillages or leaking.

3. There’s no need for additional consumables like fusers or imaging units

4. 100% consistency in colour, via thorough manufacturer checks on all inks prior to shipping

5. Significantly less packaging, which is kinder to the environment

6. Significantly less packaging, which means you require significantly less storage space. In fact you can store solid ink blocks in spaces as small as an office drawer

7. No need for time-consuming cartridge disposal / recycle schemes as Solid Ink is cartridge (and waste) free.

8. The Solid Ink system is one of the simplest and easiest ways you can load /replenish a colour laser printer.

9. An easy to refill system that minimises technical training, loading errors, accidents and damages.

10. Solid Ink Technology = Low total cost of ownership

As you can see there’s rather a lot behind Xerox’s Solid Ink technology. As an approved dealer of Xerox PagePack Managed Print services we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Xerox print solutions. You may also find this Solid Ink FAQ’s page useful too: