3D printer pen creating an vertical 3d line

The 3D Printer… That’s a Pen!?

3D printer pen creating an vertical 3d line

3D printers aren’t a new concept but it certainly looks like they’re future for many design organisations. 3D Printing technology has actually been around since the 1980’s but it’s only in recent years that these specialist printers have broken into the main stream. Significant drops in the manufacturing, production and retail costs saw the market value for 3D printer services raise to an estimated $2.2 billion in 2012.

The explosion of 3D printer solutions seems to have inspired many companies (particularly those in Design and Graphic print industries) to bring this specialist print technology to the masses. The Lix 3D printing pen is one of the newest examples of just this.

Intrigued? We were too! Here’s the video…


Although this product is still at the prototype stage of development, it’s a great example of how companies in the design sector are keen to bring specialist printing technology to the masses. And it appears the masses are keen too! Since launching a Kickstarter Campaign with an initial funding target of £30,000 they have more than smashed their target. While writing this post the Latest figure was £655,229 but the total figure is increasing all the time!

The success of this product alone highlights the desire and audience there is for new and innovative printer products in the design industry.

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